About the Artist


Yesenia (Jessie) Groft began her artistic journey as a child, often drawing alongside her father as he created beautiful oil paintings. She would sit for hours turning the pages of art books and admiring the works of the great masters.

Although always drawn to the arts, she allowed her artistic interests to take the back-burner while she pursued other important goals in life: family, a career in human resources and her faith. She reconnected with her love for painting several years ago while attending a paint night with friends.

What began as a simple hobby developed into a motivating passion. The natural world around us is her inspiration: the breathtaking sunsets, the colors of changing seasons, the dramatic clouds and the relentless ocean waves. As an artist, Jessie continues to hone in her style and technique. Her greatest joy is to share her art with others.

Her favorite medium is acrylic on stretched canvas or wood. She has taught her own paint night classes to groups of all ages, making the joy of painting accessible to all. She is a proud member of the York Art Association.